Red Beach Santorini

Top activities at Red Beach

Red Beach

Red Beach is one of the most extraordinary beaches of Santorini and the Cyclades.

Grandiose is the high red rock wall that rises directly behind the beach. The beach itself consists of fine black and red gravel interspersed with stones. Very beautiful are also the colors of the water when you swim in it.

The steep rock face behind the beach is not without danger. In August 2013, there was a landslide here at Red Beach and the beach was closed for a few days.

The Red Beach is a very popular destination when you spend your vacation on the island of Santorini and so it is always really crowded on the beach during the day.

Umbrellas and sunbeds are close to each other and are usually occupied. A little less busy is the western end of the beach, where the red rock wall ends.

Food and drinks at Red Beach

There are two small stalls on the beach, but they were closed last time. Only the fruit seller is constantly making his rounds on the beach.

There are kiosks and some restaurants in the neighboring bay of Akrotiri.

Hotels and rooms at Red Beach

Directly on the beach you can not rent rooms. Only in the neighboring bay of Akrotiri.

How to reach Red Beach

Red Beach is located 11 kilometers south of Fira. From Fira, take the road towards Perissa and turn right 1.5 kilometers after the village of Magalochori towards Akrotiri and Red Beach.

You cannot park directly at Red Beach, but have to park in the neighboring bay of Akrotiri. From there you have to walk over a small hill to the Red Beach. You can't miss the footpath!


Top activities at Red Beach