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Fira, the main town of Santorini, is famous for its beautiful view over the mostly white houses, down the caldera to the blue sea.

Fira is the most visited place on Santorini, that is due to the large cruise ships, which in the season daily thousands of visitors wash into the place, but of course also due to the great location of the place, which also holidaymakers from other places of Santorini want to experience.

In addition to the cruise ships, there are quite a few daily visitors who make a trip from Crete and also land in Fira.

Due to the masses of daily visitors, the restaurants and cafes, in particularly good locations, do not rely on offering good value for money. Therefore, the prices at the caldera of Fira, almost always overpriced and you do not get the performance you might expect.

Fira is in the area of the car-free old town, an almost unmanageable maze of small streets. In the alleys are quite a few boutiques, souvenir stores, jewelers, restaurants and snack bars. So great for strolling.

Eating and Drinking

At the Caldera there are mostly (overpriced) restaurants and cafes. In general, prices and quality are better the farther you are from the crater rim of Fira.

Hotels and guesthouses in Fira

There are a variety of accommodations in Fira. Prices for a basic double room start at €40 in low season and €60 in high season. The prices upwards are open and can reach a multiple in July and August. Very expensive are the rooms with sea view and private pool.

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How to reach Fira

Fira is easy to reach by car or bus. However, bus service is very limited in the evenings during the off-season, so you will need either a rental car or a cab.

With a cruise ship you anchor in front of Santorini and are disembarked to the small port Skala.
From the harbor there is a stairway up to Fira, which you can get up on foot or on the back of a donkey.
Alternatively, there is also a cable car that takes you comfortably from the port up to Fira.

Top activities in Fira

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