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The village of Kamari stretches from the mountain Mesa Vouno in the south, until almost the airport of Santorini in the north.

Kamari is one of the largest beach resorts on Santorini. For many years the place has been synonymous with package tourism on Santorini. The vast majority of vacationers who spend their vacations in Kamari are package tourists.

The distance to the airport of Santorini is practical, which is maximum 6 kilometers. However, you may find the aircraft noise annoying if you live too far north of Kamari.

Along the entire coast of the village there is a beach promenade. Along this promenade there are several restaurants, cafes, hotels, boutiques and some mini markets. It is nice that the entire promenade is car-free. Less nice is that you are constantly approached by the staff of many restaurants who want to lure you into their establishments. The pools of some hotels in Kamari have an interesting location. They are located directly on the beach promenade and so you can wonderfully observe the hustle and bustle at several pools while walking along the promenade

Hotels Kamari

Most of the hotels in Kamari are geared towards international package tourism and, depending on the facilities, offer everything you would expect in a package vacation; a few of them are boutique hotels. If you are sensitive to aircraft noise, you should book a hotel preferably in the southern part of Kamari, towards the mountain Mesa Vouno. If you want to spend the vacation exclusively in Kamari, it may be worth comparing the prices for package vacations, with the prices for flight and hotel as a separate booking.

Tip for individual travelers: During peak season, many hotels in Kamari rent their beds exclusively to tour operators, so searching locally at this time can be difficult. Tip: It is best to book your hotel in advance during the season.

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How to reach Kamari

The place can be easily reached by bus from Fira several times a day. The distance Kamari - Fira is 8 kilometers.

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Top activities in Kamari