Oia Santorini

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Oia is a wonderful place on the north coast of Santorini. Many of the buildings in this winding and narrow village are built right on the edge of the crater.

The main street of Oia leads along above the crater rim. Below the main alley are the mostly expensive hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes with great views of the sea and the island neighboring Thirasia. Variety is also offered by the many beautifully decorated stores and boutiques along the main street.

In contrast to the main town of Fira, Oia is quieter and more idyllic. Oia is not a sleepy place. In the evening hours, especially in the high season, it gets really crowded here. Many secure a good seat in a restaurant or cafe at the caldera early in order to enjoy the great sunset.

The sunset of Oia is one of the most impressive of the Cyclades, it is especially beautiful in the western part of the village, here the sun sets beautifully over the sea. Especially popular at the time of sunset is old fort. Not only the view of the sunset is worthwhile, but also the always interesting view of the varied architecture of Oia, with its white flat-roofed houses, barrel roofs, the isolated church steeple roofs and mills.

Worthwhile is a hike to the small port of Ammoundi, which is also accessible via a staircase in the western part of Oia, below the fort.

Eating and drinking in Oia

Restaurants and cafes are plentiful in Oia. In prime locations, these are quickly full in the evenings during the season. It is best to look for a cafe at the caldera for a drink into the sunset and a full restaurant, with as many Greek guests as possible, away from the caldera for dinner.

Hotels and guesthouses in Oia

In Oia there are many hotels and guesthouses, most of them are located near the caldera. The most expensive are the hotels that are located directly on the caldera, with unobstructed views.

Prices for a very basic double room start at € 50 in low season and € 70 in high season. The prices upwards are open and can reach a multiple in July and August. Very exclusive are the rooms with sea view and private pool.

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How to reach Oia

Oia is located 11 kilometers northwest of Fira and can be reached by rental car or bus from Fira. The fastest way by rental car is along the west coast of Santorini. Alternatively, you can drive the route along the east coast. Our tip is the outward route along the east coast and back via the west coast.

Top activities in Oia