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Perissa is the most popular beach resort on Santorini among individual tourists. Especially in summer many backpackers, but also many Greeks come here.

Perissa is located in the southeast of Santorini. The village is bordered in the northeast by the impressive mountain Mesa Vouno. Most of the buildings are located on the main road to Emporio or directly on the beach road, which runs for 4 kilometers southwest along Perissa beach.

The center of Perissa is located around the campsite, here are most restaurants, cafes and small stores for shopping. The campsite of Perissa is in a prime location, right in the center and directly on the beach. Unfortunately, there is no direct access to the beach from the campsite, which is a pity due to its exclusive location.

Perissa has no beach promenade, but a beach road. It would be better if the promenade was car-free, because the cars can disturb during the day. Fortunately, during the high season, Perissa's beach road is closed to cars and motorcycles in the evenings.

In the restaurants and cafes on the beach road you have a great view of the sea and the beach. Most of the places also rent sunbeds and umbrellas and you can easily order drinks and food on the beach. In the off-season, the sunbeds and umbrellas are usually free of charge, if you order something.

Food and drinks Perissa

In Perissa there is a wide variety of restaurants, from the pita shack to expensive restaurants, everything is represented. Many are located on the main road, on the beach road and especially in the center around the campsite.

We can recommend the following restaurants:

- Gods Garden
We came across the Gods Garden Restaurant in Perissa by chance, because you don't necessarily pass it automatically when you are in Perissa.
The Gods Garden Restautant is located in a side street of Perissa, which is opposite the "Star Market" from the main road through Perissa.

One sits nice and cozy and quiet outside. The staff is very friendly and the dishes are to die for. Especially good is the lamb Vlahico, which is cooked in the oven with garlic, very tasty and butter tender.

- Acropolis – Restaurant, Taverna
Without recommendation, one would not enter this restaurant, probably as a long-time Greece vacationer. It looks like a copy of a Greek restaurant in Germany. But enough of the prejudices.

After the "greeting from the kitchen" one is very surprised the first time. There is a very tasty cream with bread. The main dishes, whether from the grill or from the oven, are very good.

The restaurant is located directly on the beach road.

Update: After being very satisfied the last years in the Acropolis Restaurant, we unfortunately noticed that the portions have become smaller. For example, the Greek salad we had was very small and decorated with a tiny slice of feta. The kleftiko was tasty, but also much too small. Other dishes such as the stifado or the grill plate were just ok in size. A look into the kitchen also showed that the size of the dishes was consistently rather small. The staff seemed more hectic than friendly and the amuse-gueule, the "greeting from the kitchen" was completely omitted.

The development of the Acropolis in Perissa is a pity, perhaps the tavern has become too well known.

- Taverna - The Volcano
Good Greek cuisine. Good service and open late. The restaurant is located directly on the beach road.

- Aqua
Good cafe / restaurant for breakfast and drinks in the evening. Sunbeds are free in low season with one-time order.

How to reach Perissa

Perissa is easily accessible from the main town of Fira and the road is well developed. In the low season, the bus schedule is very limited in the evenings and you have to rely on a rental car or a cab if you want to spend the evening in other places on Santorini.

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Top activities in Perissa