cruise santorini

Cruise Santorini

Arrival Santorini

A cruise to Santorini is something very special. It starts with the journey, when the cruise ship slowly approaches the archipelago, ideally from the north. Oia appears on port side, with its white houses that are picturesquely built into the slope of the caldera. As the cruise ship continues into the caldera of Santorini, one perceives more and more details of Oia and the small subsequent places on the caldera. On the starboard side, the ship passes the inhabited island of Thirasia.

In the roadstead in front of Santorini

The cruise ships take their position below Fira, the capital of Santorini. Since the sea is very deep here, the cruise ship holds its position with the help of the dynamic positioning system (DPS). The cruise ships are usually always below Fira in the roadstead, as it is simply the most beautiful position for a ship.

Further on land

Anyone who has booked a tour organized by the ship will be sent to the new port of Athinios, where they will usually be transported by bus. If you want to explore the island individually, you will be brought to the old port of Skala. Approx. 580 steps lead up from the old port to the main town of Fira, which you can either walk up or ride a donkey. We advise against both and recommend the alternative ride with the cable car.

Land excursions

A shore excursion on Santorini, from the cruise ship via the old port of Skala, to Fira and Oia and back, describes the cruise german magazine "Kreuzfahrt Praxis" in the experience report "One day in Santorini".
The website "Cruise-Turtle" offers an overview of the sights of Santorini from a cruiser's point of view.

Cruise providers

Many shipping companies do not miss the opportunity to offer Santorini cruises. On the subpage Santorini Cruises - Tour Operator Overview we give an overview of popular shipping companies that sail to Santorini.