flughafen santorin

Airport Santorini

Santorini Airport (JTR) is an international airport. It is served directly by several airlines from Europe. From Germany it is served directly by the following airlines:

Domestic connections e.g. to Athens are offered by Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines.

The airport on Santorini is very convenient for reaching many Cyclades islands. The advantage to a flight to Athens is, that especially for the southern Cyclades you save a long journey e.g. from Athens, because Santorini with its airport is much closer to these islands.

The airport is tiny compared to big German airports. The advantage is that after checking in, you can quickly go outside again to wait for the departure. Alternatively, you go to the waiting area, where there is a roof terrace on the second floor. Here you can get drinks and have a great view of the runway.

Location / Directions:

The airport of Santorini is located in the southeast of the island. From here, all places on Santorini can be reached very quickly and thus the transfer times are short. The closest is the town of Kamari, which is practically within sight.

For package travelers, the trip by bus usually takes 30 minutes, depending on how many hotels are visited beforehand. From Fira or Kamari you are usually even faster at the airport.

If you travel to or from Santorini airport by cab, it takes less than 10 minutes to Kamari or Fira, and about 20 minutes to Perissa or Oia. The 6 kilometer ride from the airport by cab to Fira, for example, costs about 20 euros, which is outrageously expensive, but you usually can't get cheaper. Alternatively, you can take the bus, which is cheaper, but does not run as often. In the main season, the bus runs during the day between 7 and 23 o'clock, up to 8 o'clock every hour (--> bus schedule Santorini airport). Please note that you have to change buses in Fira if you want to go to Oia or Perissa.

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