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Weather Santorini

What is the best time to travel to Santorini depends on what you mainly want to do on vacation.

The best weather for a beach vacation is from mid-May to late September.


July and August are the warmest months on Santorini, with average maximum temperatures around 30 °C and temperature peaks up to 38 °C. Rain is not expected during this period.

June and September are also very warm, with average maximum temperatures around 27 °C and temperature peaks up to 32 °C. On some days in September it can rain, occasionally heavily.

The hot months are made bearable by the Meltemi, the wind that comes mainly from the north during the summer months.

Spring and autumn

From April to mid-May and in October, November on Santorini the weather is usually too cold for a pure beach vacation. However, if you like hiking, sightseeing and sunbathing is not so important, this time can be ideal. You should expect rain and cloudy skies. Of course, there are beautiful and warm days with blue skies, but you should not necessarily expect them.


It is usually uncomfortable from November to March. It is often cold, rainy and also the wind increases this perceived temperature. Of course, there are lovers of this weather in Santorini, because from January everything is green and many flowers and plants begin to bloom.

Top activities on Santorini

Santorini Weather Forecast

Clear Sky



Clear Sky
Humidity: 57%
Wind: N at 3.09 M/S
Broken Clouds
18.27°C / 20.2°C
Broken Clouds
18.47°C / 20.11°C
Light rain
18.54°C / 19.91°C
Clear Sky
18.34°C / 19.48°C
Clear Sky
18.62°C / 19.39°C