How to discover other islands from Santorini

How to discover other islands from Santorini

As fans of the island of Santorini, we are happy to recommend it for the vacation. In particular, the numerous tips we have compiled are enough to fill more than one vacation on Santorini. Nevertheless, we can understand if vacationers want to visit not only Santorini, but also other Greek islands.

Therefore, in this text we have compiled the most popular methods for visiting different Greek islands within one vacation. Of course, we also show the advantages and disadvantages of each variant and will be happy to explain for whom the corresponding variant is best suited.

Round trip by ferry and rental car

One way to travel the Greek islands is a rental car in combination with a ferry. This ensures that you can comfortably get from one island to the next and still be mobile on site. With our tips on renting a car in Santorini, it's not that expensive either.

Tip: When booking the rental car, make sure that you are allowed to take it with you on the ferry to the next island. It is important to plan the trip in detail beforehand and book the ferries in time. This solution is especially good if you attach great importance to being mobile with a car on the individual islands. In addition, there is of course also the possibility to rent the car only on the respective island, this is not so comfortable, but it saves costs.

Vacation with a chartered yacht

A particularly noble variant to experience different Greek islands in one vacation is chartering a yacht. For chartering a yacht, a corresponding boat license is necessary. But often there is someone in the circle of friends who has this. If this is not the case, there is still the alternative to charter a yacht including a skipper. The skipper takes over the responsibility and gives instructions for the work on board. If you want to learn a little about steering a yacht, you can of course look over the skipper's shoulder and get some instruction.

The advantage of a chartered yacht is obvious. You are not forced to look for accommodation, you can moor in numerous bays and reach places that would be unreachable without a boat. In order to make it really a dreamlike island vacation with the charter yacht, one should take care of the yacht in time. Even large agencies can have a problem when it comes to organizing a specific yacht at a specific date at the desired port at short notice.

By plane from island to island

For those who like it fast and efficient, there is of course the possibility to fly to and from Santorini. The airport is approached by many international airlines. Thus, as described by us under Santorini Airport, there is the possibility of flying from from many airports to to Santorini. Especially in the season there is an extensive selection of flights.

If you want to visit other islands by plane from Santorini, you have to make some compromises. Many of the Greek islands do not have an airport. This means that the choice of possible destinations is limited. Therefore, a round trip only by plane is not necessarily the optimum. However, if you additionally use ferries, you can reach practically all islands.